"Call Me Pretty Bird One More Time?"
Dinah Laurel Lance
So, a few of you might’ve been around last night where I received a very nasty message from an anonymous person.

Among those messages were several I did not post, detailing the facts: I was worthless, fat and a terrible Dinah, both in RP and in cosplay.

Somehow, word got out on Twitter. 

And my hero/inspiration of cosplay sent me a message.

Which was awesome, but I was still feeling kind of yucky.

All of a sudden, shit blew up and it was like kfjhgkjdfhkjf

And people started showing their support

// I’m up to like, 25 inbox messages, and I didn’t even COUNT the twitter interactions..

Even Gail Simone thinks people should stop their shit.

So, you know what? Call me a terrible RPer and a terrible cosplayer. I’m pretty sure I know who’s been sending that shit anyway. And you know what? No matter who you are, I actually feel sorry for you. I have friends, and support, and great tits. And all you have is your loneliness and the prospect of sending anon hate to make yourself feel better. And that’s pretty sad.

To everyone— thank you so much. Especially Chris Jones, Hal, Gail Simone, and Roxanna Meta. You’re amazing.

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    :( Shaming of any sort really upsets me. But the worst part is that even when we know they are ridiculous or trolling or...
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    I could say some bullshit about “Those trolls are probably ugly and fat and have teeny dicks and etc, etc, etc…” but...
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    jfoaejfoaejwi I love you so much manda
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    Just sharing the whole story.
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    Just remember the real Dinah would have kicked those guys in the chest and given them an up close and personal canary...
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